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The House of Flow

The House of Flow exists for the Purpose of Helping Artists and Creative People to Find Their Flow and to Develop Themselves as the Artists They Yearn to Be.

Transformation for Artists and Creatives Worldwide. The House of Flow is a support site for Visual and Performing Artists, and all types of Creatives. It’s a place of higher learning for our inner artist — a way to follow our deepest creative urges into personal transformation and success. Because living our purpose and finding our flow is the path to health, happiness, and awakening.

Creativity Coaching

Creativity Coaching for artists, art students, or anyone in need of a creative boost. Practical advice and moral support for developing yourself as a working artist. Learn from an experienced art coach how to Live and Thrive as an Artist or Creative.

For Visual Artists, Performing Artists, and Writers who want to take Their Art to the Next Level

Art as Meditation and Healing

Courses for Transforming Fears, Anxiety, and Negative emotions with a Creative Practice. Learn to maintain a daily Art as Meditation Practice, and discover how awareness and perception practices can boost your creativity.

For Anyone with a Will to Make Personal Change

Find Your Flow

Courses on Creative Flow. Drop into Flow easily, Quiet your mind, deepen your Creativity and Become the Artist You were Born to Be. Courses on developing your Flow through your unique medium. Master your Medium, your ability to focus, and your Creative Authenticity.

For All Types of Creatives, from Beginner to Advanced

‘The Infinite Artist’ ​Book

‘Wisdom and Practical Advice for Living your Creative Calling’

Have a creative mission but feeling stuck? Discover your Authenticity and Creative Genius. Learn how to access your Flow in any moment. Discover the secrets to maintaining a daily creative practice.

This book is a course on becoming the artist you were born to be.

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“Awareness practice is not just sitting meditation or meditation-in-action alone. It is a unique training practice in how to behave as an inspired human being. That is what is meant by being an artist.”   Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, True Perception.

What people are saying about The House of Flow Courses

Douglas is a great teacher, he exudes a serenity which clearly has resulted from years of meditation and creative practice. His practical advice and methods have already been quite useful as a shortcut into a creative flow state and more tranquility of mind during a stressful period.
Andrew Connor

Musician, Chicago, IL

Douglas is a remarkable, responsive, open, and thoughtful teacher who is able to synthesize decades of seeking and spiritual work into a very accessible, useable, and yet deep form. These exercises and meditations can change your life….

Ryan C.

Musician, Chicago, IL

As a novice I was surprised at how easily Douglas’s guidance made it possible for me to seek out and abate anxieties that I barely even knew I was harboring! Through Douglas’s guidance I was able to easily visualize and feel negative emotions within me and then let them flow out as creative inspiration instead!

Ryan Wilson

Film and Video Grip, Los Angeles, CA

This class was deeply nourishing for my soul. Douglas is a gifted meditation teacher, he lead me into altered states of awareness in which I was able to access hidden clutter from the past that has been distorting my ability to experience life freely. It was impressive how obvious it became that negative energy patterns get stuck in our bodies and that instead of having our demons – fear, anxiety, etc. –  control us, we can (actually pretty easily) develop an objective relationship to them, by using them as the fuel for our creative output. The process Douglas teaches brings a lot of insight and growth. To me it’s true alchemy.

Marion M.

Visual Artist, Lucerne, Switzerland

The Transforming Resistance course explores an awareness of thoughts, emotions and feelings and guides them toward a release via an artistic meditative experience. It’s an interesting and fun practice which leads to a more peaceful sense of well being. I look forward to participating in more of these classes.

Julie Smith

Designer, Los Angeles, CA

Events and Classes

Coming Soon…

How to transform your fears and resistance into emotional stability, a sense of interconnectedness, and peace of mind. Not just for ‘creative’ types, this course will help anyone who wants to take a leap into their creative and spiritual potential.

Check back here for updates on future courses..

Tranform Fear and Anxiety with a creative practice

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