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Artist Coaching

Coaching for Creatives • Learn to Thrive as an Artist

Artist Coaching

Coaching for Creatives,

and those who seek to become Creatives

Trying to get your creative project going but feeling stuck? Having trouble completing something you started?

Do you need support or inspiration to follow your creative passion?

Have you ever thought of working with an artist coach?


“Since I’ve been working with Douglas I have been able to meet goals, wrangle self doubt and overcome obstacles. I recommend his techniques and his book to all my artist friends finding ​their way!”

​Sarah Asher, Covington, KY

Douglas coaches professional Artists. He also coaches people who are just starting out with a creative medium. He has coached painters, photographers, film and video artists, dancers, performance artists, musicians, and writers.

“Your Technique is not as important as your mindset – your passion, focus and discipline.
Once you have these set in place, learning a technique is just part of your process, part of your flow,
and comes with much greater ease.”  –
The House of Flow

The Benefits of Artist Coaching with Douglas

  • You will be pushed beyond your comfort zone, while being encouraged to think outside your normal paradigm, so that you can achieve what you never thought possible.


  • You will discover and change your internal paradigm for creating, and for thoughts around creating, i.e desires and ambitions.


  • You will discover what you are really passionate about and why, thus helping you better define your process and goals.


  • You will shift your focus from the end goal to the process, which actually helps your end goal.


  • You will learn how to focus on one thing at a time without getting distracted. You will understand why focusing is key to your success in anything you do.


  • You will uncover secrets about how to attract what you want, so that you can let go and let things come to you effortlessly, instead of struggling.


  • You will learn how to value your work, and how others will value it.


  • You will learn how to create more space and time in your life for your art.


  • You will discover many things about how the mind really works, and how you get stuck, or blocked – and what to do to get unstuck.


  • You will learn how to channel fears and emotions into your art, creating more honest, authentic work while freeing yourself from those emotions and fears.


  • You will learn how to network and project yourself in public so that you can sell work much more easily.


  • You will have all the support you need until you can work fearlessly and consistently on your own, so that personal success for you becomes inevitable.

Artist Coaching Sessions with Douglas

— What People are Saying

Douglas is an incredibly compassionate and wise coach. His intuitive ability to know what kind of guidance the artist needs is amazing. Since day one, he helped me search deep within my mind and uncover major blocks that had been preventing me to create. Working with him has made me feel for the first time in my life that unleashing my creativity is not a mysterious, hazy and unattainable objective, but something within reach through actionable steps and the right kind of guidance. I’m extremely grateful and excited for my art and what’s to come.

Cuauhtemoc Velazquez

Film and Video Artist, Toronto, Canada

I was stuck as an artist. I started working with Douglas and through working with him I have reconnected with the essential part of me that needs to create. I am immensely grateful.

Charles Trapolin

Visual and Performing Artist, Los Angeles, CA

Douglas has helped me in many ways. He is kind, accepting, encouraging and intuitive. he is funny, calm, and inspires that in others. Douglas encouraged me to know that I am far more capable than I previously thought. He helped me to release negative thoughts and energies, and I learned so much about myself using his suggestions. He sincerely cares for the well being of others and the world, and has helped me in my journey to experience oneness with others and life. I recommend you work with Douglas if you get the chance.

Glenn Fisher

New York City

Up until recently, I was stressed out and confused all the time while trying to write my book. I couldn’t get into a flow and was constantly making excuses so I wouldn’t have to do it which had a horrible effect on my mind. Douglas P. Smith came along and helped me break through all my barriers. He gave me clear processes to follow which got me writing my book while feeling inspired and uplifted during the process. Not only that, but Douglas also keeps me accountable and cares about my success. He has enabled me to take my vision to the next level and I am eternally grateful to him.

Julie Upton

Multi-media Artist, Rockport, MA, USA

Douglas is a gifted counselor and tutor. He has the knack of helping you find out what it is that you want to do. And he does it in a way that you feel good about it. I know because I have been the beneficiary of his generous gift of time that has helped me find my focus for an exhibition of my photography planned for later next year.
I have been a photographer for over twenty years. But I have no professional exhibitions to my credit. Thanks to Douglas, this is soon going to change for the better!
I cannot recommend him enough to artists who feel stuck in their careers or professional development. He is genuinely interested in finding out what it is that makes you tick and then he helps you see that you do!

Khalid Hussein

Photographer and Multi-media Artist, Islamabad, Pakistan

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