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Happiness and Well-being through a Creative Practice

Are you interested in learning how you can use the Creative Process to transcend negative thought patterns, to achieve Mental and Emotional Wellbeing?

 We offer courses on transforming the Fears and Emotions that keep us self-sabotaged. Learn how to use Creativity eliminate Anxiety and upend Depression.

Upcoming Courses, date and time TBD:

Transform Resistance, Fear, and Anxiety Using a Creative Practice

As part of Inner Way LA’s Pandemic Resilience Program, Artist and author Douglas Paul Smith teaches this 4-week course / creativity workshop on how to use the creative process to liberate ourselves from resistance, fear, and the emotions that hold us back in life. Learn how to transform your fears and resistance into emotional stability, a sense of interconnectedness, and peace of mind. We will learn how to develop our own unique creative practice and easily drop into our flow. Not just for ‘creative’ types, this course will help anyone who wants to take a leap into their creative and spiritual potential.

Course Details: This is one of The House of Flow’s online creativity workshops – a lecture and student participation class series. There will be meditations and hands-on exercises using brush and ink, and poster paint. Douglas will go over instructions on course materials in the first class. Participation in exercises is optional but highly recommended. Please be prepared to obtain 18×24 newsprint paper, a drop cloth, a small 1 – 2 inch paint brush (any kind), and non-toxic acrylic based (poster) paints — or whatever you have that is similar to these if you cannot buy them.

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more Workshop Testimonials​

I feel like we have been so fortunate to have you at this retreat – you are a natural teacher and I like the way you approached the topic of Creativity/Dharma Art. I feel like you triggered a felt sense in your class which I found extremely helpful – you made it so accessible, helping us to drop into that deeper awareness.

​​—Victoria, Z., Melbourne, Australia

Thanks for the class last Saturday….Somehow in tapping into the emotions as instructed, prior to dipping our hands into the pools of paint, something deeper and more profound than just fingerpainting manifested, both in the heart and on the page.
I would do it again, anytime. Thank you for the intuitive teaching, and for your presence.

​​—Peter H., Los Angeles, CA

Douglas guides the class in a gentle and compassionate way, bringing meditation and openness to the practice of intuitive ‘art.’  As a total novice I felt comfortable and the class left me peaceful and contemplative.

​—Claire T., Los Angeles, CA

Douglas gently lead our group through exploring our physicality, presence and full range of emotions through free artistic expression. Besides being fun, the experience was clarifying, liberating and empowering, giving me a deeper and more direct connection to my human experience and my creativity.

​​—Dmitriy Y., Los Angeles, CA

Douglas is an exceptional teacher. He brought us to a place we could express ourselves openly in a way to better learn about ourselves and to just “let go” and be open.

​—Laurie S., Los Angeles, CA

I think this practice is an entertaining way to connect with yourself. For me, it wasn’t that much about creativity but rather tapping into your emotions. I enjoyed Douglas’ intuitive guidance. He really helped me to “stay out of my own way.” Thank you.

​​—Andrew P., Los Angeles, CA

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