The Infinite Artist​:

Wisdom and Practical Advice for Living Your Creative Calling

‘The Infinite Artist’ 

– A creativity book for finding your flow.

Douglas Paul Smith is the founder of The House of Flow and The Artist Coach, empowering artists to reach personal success through their creative process. As a life-long Visual Fine Artist, Designer, and Contemplative Arts Instructor, Douglas has taught and coached artists and meditators across the globe for a decade. This is Douglas’ first creativity book. Originally from Ohio, he currently lives and works in Switzerland.​

Rooted in Buddhist and ancient Yogic traditions, The Infinite Artistillumines the essential inner and outer steps for exploring our innate capacity for authenticity and genius. As both spiritual guide and practical compendium, The Infinite Artist gives us access to a place in ourselves that is powerfully creative and deeply healing — a fresh insight into the human potential for artistic expression.

What’s Inside:

• A Comprehensive Guide to the creative process – the necessary steps for living successfully as an artist in the 21st century.

• Practical Advice for how to bring your art to a level you feel good about, how to sell your work, how to stay in FLOW, and how to keep your art PASSIONATE and PURE, never giving in to the demands of the ever-changing art market.

• The Truth about why you may not be able to make art that you like – what’s really going on under the surface of your creative iceberg-sized blocks, and how you can melt them away.

This creativity book also contains practical advice on how to sell your art online, and making a living as an artist (making money as an artist).

Praise for ‘The Infinite Artist’

Functioning as both spiritual guide and practical compendium, DP Smith’s creativity book provides encouragement, inspiration and resources to help artists tackle challenges, overcome fears and find their flow. I recommend it to any artist who finds him or herself struggling, or is simply looking for fresh insight into creating and sustaining an authentic creative life.

— Alix Sloan, Author of ‘Launching Your Art Career’

If you are a creative person in any way, shape, or form, you really need to pick up a copy of ”The Infinite Artist”. It will inspire and motivate you to continue to pursue your artistic path.
It is a well-written, inspirational book. Besides some life-changing personal experiences, Douglas also shares strategies and practical techniques for anyone to get in touch with one’s creative soul and create art from within. It is an honest discussion about the creative process. It reminds us to approach our creativity with curiosity, playfulness, joy, and a non-judgmental mind even when the occasional artist’s blocks appear. It helps us to see how counterproductive some of the nagging voices in the back of our head are, and gives the reader tools to manage them. Smith’s profound knowledge and long-term practice of Eastern philosophy provides a refreshing view at how to approach an artistic life.

​— Ana Maria Fociuc, Appenzell, Switzerland

From all the books I’ve read on creativity, The Infinite Artist is the most transformative. I particularly like that it draws from the author’s personal experience, showing great understanding for the heightened sensitivity and intensity of the drive of the artist’s soul. Like Pressfield’s War of Art it tangibly carries the promethean fire, empowering us to live up to our creative calling to make a difference in the world. The practical tools offered me a fascinating exploration into inner depths and helped me to move through resistances and stay motivated in my work. The Infinite Artist is the greatest invitation to become an artist I could have come across.

​— Marion Meister, Lucerne, Switzerland

Making sense of being a creative – with all of its ups and downs – can be perplexing (to say the least). The Infinite Artist is a trusted friend in the studio of living/making/being that creates room for the inevitability of the artist’s path to be realized. If you want to break free from what constrains you (and perhaps you don’t even know you’re constrained) spend time with this book. Then re-read it.

– Shane Carpenter, Baltimore, Maryland

The author artist has delved deeply into the psychospiritual source for his inspirations. He brings us pearls of wisdom for readers to tap into our own creative potentials. 

— P. Maas, Tucson, Arizona

Inspired, yet practical, The Infinite Artist speaks to the heart of the artist in all of us. Mr. Smith’s journey echos many of our own travels as creatives and offers insight and exercises that empower the working artist and really anyone who yearns for a creative life of purpose. For those of us who have ever felt stuck or wondered how we were going to make money as an artist, this books offers just the right balance of wisdom and humor and above all reminds us of why we chose a creative life in the first place. The Infinite Artist is an artist’s survival guide that takes us beyond just surviving, into joyful thriving, and engaging anew with our lives and our art. 

— Andreana K, Los Angeles, California

Great confirmations, and new logical affirmations. 
Brilliant quotes.
And a good guide to the creator in us all 🙂

— Katherine, Canada

Clear and from the heart—with a dash of humor when you least expect it—Douglas pours the wisdom of his spiritual and artistic practice into this captivating little creativity book. His work is truly a gift to those who wish to take the deep dive into their art, whatever that may be. He is a gentle guide for getting in on the magic, and knowing and following your divine path—offering not only inspiration, but also practical introspective and artistic exercises, and pragmatic tips. A true gem of a book.

​— Bets G., Managing Editor, ACIP, Tucson, Arizona

This book is truly inspiring!
I am drawn to this book not only because it inspires me to tap into the depths of my own soul and create art again, but also because the author openly shares many vulnerable moments in his life that I can relate to. Moments, that brought him to write this book. As I was reading, there were several times it caused me to reflect on what is truly important.
Art is something that helps people dig deep. It is a silent tool, an interior and exterior release, per se; that despite all the external “things” that distract us from being in the present moment daily, can help ground us and provide a solid foundation to keep ourselves balanced.

I believe many people connect to art because everyone can see a part of themselves in art. This is because we are meant to create and connect. We are meant to outwardly express ourselves; through writing, painting, art, music, dance, photography, sculpting and more!

The author, Douglas Paul Smith, emphasizes the importance of this and how to incorporate this aspect of ourselves in our everyday lives. He talks about how we have the power to reframe our thoughts and change the part of our minds that leads us to believe that we must follow certain cultural expectations in order to be successful in life. It is possible, to open ourselves again to the idea that we can create, create daily, and even better— integrate this into our daily lives and make it a long-term, fulfilling career.

Douglas writes aesthetically. He writes in a way anyone can relate to—even if you do not consider yourself “an artist,” it is worth the read!

— Elizabeth B., Cincinnati, Ohio

This book appeals to the creative side of not only artists, but of everyone. It is insightful, motivational and it really helped me question my true motivation in my every day work. The author does an excellent job at enabling a heart-opening experience; allowing for  a space to re-think career goals and objectives. There are many phrases to be highlighted; it is a book we can go back to when we need to find answers, because it brings us back to our essence.

​— Irma G., Paris, France

In this new guidebook, The Infinite Artist, Douglas Paul Smith shares the essence of his hard earned knowledge regarding the inseparable relationship between art and our spiritual self. Along his journey he adapted and created exercises and meditations that enable him to pass through obstacles that had derailed him in the past. Throughout the book he mentors his fellow artists along the way to their higher selves, and to the artists they were created to be. Smith gives voice to the struggles and beliefs that inhibit many artists, and speaks personally to those longing to follow their true path. Smith divulges his private struggle to become and the constant work to sustain one’s balance on the teetering slope of making a living without selling your soul. His story feels personal to me as it mirrors my own reconciliation with the dream to live as an artist, with the confidence to keep working towards that dream when the going gets tough!
Thank you DP Smith for putting these profound ideas into language that is easy to digest, and practices that are rewarding when implemented. With this book, it’s easier to see the difference between our monkey mind and our intuition. It teaches us to name and dismiss the inner critic that can cripple our progress and lead us astray. If we can come to the table in these intentional exercises using simple oil crayons or ink and brush, we can learn to release our fears, connect to our body, and work in our medium with more clarity and grace. (This is my review of an advance reader’s copy of the creativity book)

—Sarah Asher M, Covington, KY

In The Infinite Artist: the Path of Living Your Creative Calling,  Douglas Smith provides the insight, education, and enlightenment of many lifetimes.  He calls us to forego ego, to both embrace and eschew any self doubt, and provides the lessons and framework to live a truly authentic life.  This is a book fit for any creative and more importantly anyone that is searching to find oneself and ones path. It is in his sharing of his journey and quest via a multitude of artistic media, that he is able to connect spirituality and creativity and authenticity.  This book is fit for anyone seeking tap into their deeper and true self. 

— Brian M, Chicago, Illinois

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